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Meet the owner:
Laurie Kolarik

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I have always wanted to be a filmmaker because I’ve loved the idea that individual perspective leads to individual truths. This means that people are not bound by one truth or perspective of life, so if people realize that they can make their world in their image, then they will discover their single power to impact the world.
It seems silly to focus my whole career with the idea that I want to show other’s that living according to another’s world will make them unhappy and unfulfilled because they are not living their truth. 

I graduated in December 2022 with a Bachelor's of Innovation in Digital Filmmaking from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. I could have hundreds of jobs and internships, but so would everyone else. I decided that I needed to pursue an education that no one else was doing that would create the skill set I needed to impact the world the way I wanted to.

Check out my personal portfolio here!

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